About Magban Surfaces

Know our history

Founded in 1986 by Josenildo Moreira Machado and Tales Pena Machado, Magban is a family-owned company that produces and distributes its products to over 63 countries.

A pioneer in bringing Brazilian natural stones to the world, the company has become one of the top 10 exporters of marble, granite, and quartzite in the country.

Due to ongoing investments in the quality of natural stones, our products add value to the architecture and design universe, fulfilling the dreams of many people and transforming buildings into works of art.

We are partners with our customers, focusing on their needs through personalized service, offering the best solutions for each business, generating value, satisfaction, and great results.

We have several of our own quarries, and currently, there are over 90 options of colors and textures that make a difference in creating unique and impressive environments, always aligned with product quality and excellent production process management, certified by the ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Thus, we guarantee unique materials, suitable infrastructure with cutting-edge equipment, fair pricing practices, and skilled employees.

Our commitment is to the satisfaction of our customers.

Principles and Values

Discover our ideals which, combined with our Quality Control, have led us to be among the largest exporters of ornamental rocks in Brazil.

Dream big

Acreditamos que sonhos são ensaios de ações. "Só sonhando a gente chega lá!"


Para atingir nossos objetivos com excelência, precisamos de pessoas corajosas, focadas e comprometidas.


Foco no cliente, ética, qualidade, inovação, cabeça de dono, metas ousadas, custo controlado e determinação para um crescimento sustentável.


Compromisso com o futuro das próximas gerações, diversidade social e ajuda ao próximo.

Our industry

Our industrial yard contains sawmills, polishing lines, resin application facilities, and warehouses for slab storage. The current infrastructure allows us to produce an average of 40,000 square meters per month.

Magban has a complete industrial park, storage warehouses, and an efficient commercial structure trained to ensure support and assistance to customers and logistics partners.

Quality policy

Magban is committed to meeting applicable requirements and continuously improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, with a focus on customer satisfaction in the supply of Natural Rocks and Synthetic Coatings aiming at the sustainability of the business.

Commitment to the future

We carry out the recovery of degraded areas, making them attractive for use by wildlife. We maintain strong partnerships with the cities where we operate, with standout projects for the restoration of springs using exclusively native species seedlings

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